Richie Furay

Richie Furay is an American music luminary, a Colorado Music Hall of Fame and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee. He is celebrated for pioneering Country-Rock as founding member of the legendary and quintessential groups Buffalo Springfield, Poco, and the Souther-Hillman-Furay band. 

Jesse Furay Lynch CD

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Jesse Furay Lynch CD.gif

Jesse Furay Lynch CD


Richie's daughter Jesse Furay Lynch has recorded her debut CD with a diversity of musical influences, but especially Americana and Country-Rock.  Jesse has sung on many of her father's albums, and is a member of The Richie Furay Band.  She has performed with a variety of musical talents including POCO, America, Deniece Williams, Heatwave, Piedmont Brothers, and Barbara Lewis.

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Song List

  1. Girl Like That
  2. Baby Why
  3. Hard Country
  4. I Wish it Would Rain
  5. Love at First Sight
  6. Goin Wild for You Baby
  7. Fallin Into Your Love
  8. Satisfied
  9. If I Were You